Tackling Cybersecurity's Gender Problem

September 14, 2018

September 14, 2018: The cyber security industry’s female workforce is a paltry 8% in the UK (and only 7% in Europe) and they earn on average 15.5% less than their male colleagues. Globally, the percentage of women in the field is just 11%, a number that has remained steady since 2013. This gender imbalance may have serious implications for our safety.

According to Jane Frankland, managing director of Cyber Security Capital, “Women are far better at assessing odds than men, and this often manifests itself as an increased avoidance of risk...[Women’s] preference for detailed exploration makes them more attuned to changing patterns of behaviour – a skill needed for correctly identifying threats and protecting environments.”

Read more: 'We need people who see things differently': tackling cybersecurity's gender problem  theguardian.com

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