Rwandan Female Police Officers Scaling Heights Of Policing Career

May 30, 2019

May 30, 2019: In March 2019, the United Nations expressed its gratitude to a Rwandan Police Officer, Assistant Commissioner of Police, (ACP) Teddy Ruyenzi, for her outstanding role in UN peacekeeping. ACP Ruyenzi, who is among the top most senior police officers at the rank of ACP,  leads a trail-blazing force of 160-strong all-female Formed Police Unit (FPU) in the Republic of South Sudan under the United Nations Mission in Southern Sudan (UNMISS).

Ruyenzi began her career in law enforcement in 2001 when she joined the newly created Rawandan National Police (RNP) and has grown through the ranks to become a two-star officer. RNP records show by 2010, the force had only 6.1%  female senior officers; the force had 15.7% overall representation in the whole force. Today the population of women in RNP has grown to about 22% of the total force with policies aimed toward a goal of 30%.

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