Parliamentary Bill will ensure improved accountability of progress on UK’s Women Peace and Security (WPS) National Action Plan (NAP)

UN Women/Ryan Brown
August 24, 2022

A private member’s Bill, requiring annual accountability by the UK government for progress on the WPS NAP, is to be put before the UK Parliament’s House of Lords in September.

Under Resolution 1325 member states of the UN are required to adopt NAPS.  At August 2021 98 countries and territories, comprising 50% of UN member states) had put in place dedicated WPS NAPS.  

The UK’s 2018-2022 NAP is now under review, with a new one (the UK’s fifth) being developed for launch later this year. Implementation of the WPS NAP is the responsibility of FCDO and Ministry of Defence.  In July the government published an annual progress report on the NAP during 2021, highlighting ongoing threats to the WPS agenda, including climate change, organised crime and gendered disinformation.  

The proposed Women, Peace and Security Bill aims to tie UK policy more closely to the NAP by making a “commitment to systematic gender consideration and responsiveness in all foreign policy, including diplomacy, development, security, humanitarian aid and international presence.” It will require the Secretary of State to report annually to Parliament on progress made, including reference to progress in relation to the Prevention of Sexual Violence Initiative.

SecurityWomen welcomes this Bill at a time when the new WPS NAP is being designed, to which SW has contributed input.

Full details of the Bill – its provisions and timetable are at:  Women, Peace and Security Bill [HL]: HL Bill22 of 2022–23 - House of Lords Library (

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