New Security Council Resolution on Women and Peacekeeping Announced

UN Photo/Albert González Farran
September 7, 2020

SecurityWomen welcomes the new UN Security Council Resolution 2538 announced on the 28 August 2020 calling for greater action to bolster the role of women — both uniformed and civilian — in all levels of peacekeeping.

The new Resolution is unequivocal in recognising the role of women as indispensable in increasing the performance and effectiveness of peace operations.  For some time it has been acknowledged that a greater and more concerted effort was needed for women’s meaningful participation in every aspect of peacekeeping. The UN Security Council calls on member states, UN Secretariat and regional organisations to strengthen their collective efforts to promote and publically encourage and advocate for women’s involvement.

The Resolution offers clear direction for member states on how to increase the deployment of uniformed women in peacekeeping. It specifically mentions the establishment of national databases of trained uniformed women who are interested and available to deploy to peacekeeping missions. SecurityWomen are very pleased to see, following our advocacy, the support for mixed engagement teams and women being included at all times. UNSCR 2538 also points to the need to better disseminate information and provide access to deployment opportunities and training, as well as the sharing of best practices for recruitment, retention,training and deployment of women in national militaries and police. It also addresses the need to provide adequate and appropriate infrastructure and facilities for women in the missions, such as accommodation, sanitation, healthcare and protective equipment, taking into account their specific needs as well as demands concerning security and privacy. Attention to infrastructure and facilities has been sadly lacking across the member states.

In addition, the Resolution supports the need to ensure that the working culture is enabling and gender-sensitive for women, and to address threats and violence against them. Expressing concern about allegations of sexual harassment in peacekeeping operations and affirming its support for the Secretary-General’s zero-tolerance policy, the Security Council has sought to strengthen efforts through the Resolution to prevent and address the issue in close cooperation and consultation with Member States.

At SecurityWomen we will actively monitor progress on the impact of the Resolution and keep you updated here on our website, on our SecurityWomen app and social media.

You can read the full UNSCR Resolution 3825 here.


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