Liberia’s women peacekeepers honoured in South Sudan

September 6, 2022

UN Police officers Elfreda Dennice Steward, Rachel Briggs, and Alfreda Tozay were three women among the nine Liberian officers deployed to the young country of South Sudan.  In July they, and the other six Liberian officers, received the UN prestigious medal for their hard work and dedication towards the community.


These women’s experience of growing up during the Liberian civil war is what helped them connect with the South Sudanese community they served. Rachel, Alfreda and Elfreda wanted to be proof of hope for the people, reassuring them that it will soon be over and everything will be okay.


“I always tell them - look where Liberia was and look how peaceful we are now. If we can do it, so can you,” says Rachel. She and her colleagues made sure to keep the communities they patrolled remained optimistic by speaking on their experiences and how Liberia was back then compared to the stable country it has now become.“forget the past and join together to build a better future for your children,” she states passionately.


SecurityWomen congratulates Elfreda, Rachel and Alfreda on their UN award, and appreciates the way they have used their experience to comfort and support women in the Sudanese communities they serve.


To learn more about the UN’s policing role in South Sudan please click on this link:

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