Justice officer from DR Congo mission wins UN Trailblazer award

MONUSCO via Flickr
May 22, 2024

Major Ahlem Douzi, an officer with the UN’s peacekeeping mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, received the 2023 UN Trailblazer Award for Women Justice and Corrections Officers on May 7. Maj. Douzi is the second to receive the annual award, which acknowledges exceptional contributions made by women justice and corrections officers serving from Member States across the world, who challenge gender stereotypes and barriers.

First of all, it means a lot to me and to my country, Tunisia. And also it encourages me to continue what I have started and to aspire for greater responsibility and more achievement,” Maj. Douzi said.

I want them to strive to make meaningful contributions for sustainable peace, but also, in the decision-making positions and operations,” she went on to say.

"But I find it's good to try to break down the gender barriers” Maj. Douzi said, adding, to “embrace challenges and to show that women are capable to work as equally with men.”

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