Incoming UN Secretary General Works to Increase Representation of Women

June 28, 2017

Although the U.N. champions gender equality worldwide, within its own ranks few women are found in high level positions.  As of December, out of 45 of the U.N.'s most senior postings only 13 are held by women. The U.N. has also made a "big push" for more women peacekeepers, which according to it's own research is a key ingredient to long-term success. But as of August 2016 only 4,336 of the U.N.'s total 101,167 peacekeeping troops were women. Incoming Secretary General Antonio Guterres has declared the intention to close the gender gap and has already begun to take steps in naming cabinet officials. See the full story:  Can Antonio Guterres Finally Break the U.N.' s Glass Ceiling? (        

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