Cressida Dick: The Toughest Parts of my Job as Metropolitan Police Commissioner

March 2, 2019

March 1, 2019: In a recent interview, London's first female police commissioner discusses the ups and downs of her job. In response the the question of how to improve gender equality in the police force, she states:

How can we improve gender equality in the police? There are still not enough women in the Met; we’re about 28 per cent of police officers. The best police force is around 37 per cent – I think we should be the best. When I joined it seemed like you could do anything as a woman, but it soon became apparent there were unofficial quotas in the CID office, for example, where you weren’t going to have this number of women. There were jobs where you weren’t explicitly barred but they made it very hard – you had to be able to pick up the enormous motorbike, or put the dog over the wall.

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