Concern about the Future of Gender Equality in Foreign Policy

June 28, 2017

December 5, 2016: Independent peace and conflict studies research institution PRIO in Oslo, Norway expressed concern for the status of women’s participation and gender equality in foreign policy, in particular after the election of Donald Trump as United States President. 

The institution argued there are strong reasons to expect that women’s rights and gender equality in international security, as well as UN Security Council Resolution 1325 will lose one of its most important allies in the US, judging from the president-elect’s previous and more recent statements on women. According to PRIO, a Trump presidency could not only change the concept of international security, but also (as a result) narrow “the space for a rights- and values-based foreign policy” where women, peace and security concepts could be restricted. PRIO thus called upon Norway as one of the driving forces for women’s participation in international security to keep promoting the relevance of the gender perspective in foreign policy, even if the security environment changes in the future. 

The Institution also argued that faced with unpredictable challenges, it will be even more crucial that women are actively involved at all levels of security. See the full story:  Why Trump is Bad News for Gender Equality in Foreign Policy  (PRIO Blogs)  

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