At UNGA, New Resolution Reiterates Importance of Female Peacekeepers

October 10, 2018

October 10, 2018: A US-led Security Council resolution focused on improving peacekeepers’ performance was approved on Sept 21, 2018, but is devoid of how the UN will measure such assessments’, according to Passblue, an independent group reporting on the UN.

The new resolution, UN SCR 2436, refers back to an earlier resolution – 2242 – which called for a doubling of female peacekeepers. It says:

‘“Recalling its resolution 2242 (2015), recognizing the indispensable role of women in United Nations peacekeeping and welcoming efforts to incentivise greater numbers of women in military, police and civilians deployed in United Nations peacekeeping operations, and noting the importance of increasing the number of women in leadership, and of ensuring that the needs and participation of women are integrated in all stages of mission planning and implementation through the inclusion of appropriate gender technical expertise,

And makes this objective at the bottom of the Resolution:

Recalls its resolution 2242 (2015) and its request that the Secretary‑General initiate, in collaboration with Member States, a revised strategy to double the numbers of women in military and police contingents of United Nations peacekeeping operations by 2020 and further requests that this strategy ensures the full, effective and meaningful participation of women in all aspects of peacekeeping, and that this revised strategy is presented to the Security Council by March 2019;’

Read the full article: Striking a Better Balance in the Newest UN Peacekeeping Reforms (

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