‘Army facing deep cuts to its top brass’ report by Camilla Turner, The UK Telegraph (Expat)

June 28, 2017

The Command Review within the army, to be implemented by April, calls for a change to the top-heavy imbalance in the armed forces. As part of a drive for a ‘more agile, imaginative and effective’ army, the number of army chiefs will be reduced by up to a third. The plans are designed to ensure that the army, which is shrinking to 82,000 from 102,000 five years ago, will become more streamlined, like its United States counterpart. 

The 500,000 strong US army has about 310 officers ranked brigadier-general and above. Gen Sir Nicholas Carter, head of the army, aims to make the force more professional and reduce bureaucracy. He wishes to curtail the rise of ‘yes man’ who are rewarded for confirming rather than daring to tell their military and political masters uncomfortable truths. He also sees the culture of loyalty to regiments before the wider force as detrimental. Britain’s 500 colonels and 200 brigadiers and generals are likely to be cut.

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