Admiral Michelle Howard Addresses US WPS Strategy

December 3, 2019

On October 15, Admiral Michelle Howard, now serving as the Shapiro Visiting Professor of International Affairs, gave a lecture on the state of the WPS agenda in the United States. After giving an overview of the development of the WPS Agenda and UNSCR 1325, Admiral Howard summarized US efforts to domestically implement a gender focus in its security strategy. The Obama Administration first published a National Action Plan in 2012, and after a bill was passed by Congress in 2017, the White House released its US Strategy on WPS in June. According to Howard, while all of the lines of effort within the plan are good ideas, there can be better integration between different US agencies like Defense, State Department, USAID, and US Institute of Peace to leverage each one's capacity to work towards the broader goal of women's inclusion. After Admiral Howard's illustrious career in the US Navy, her insight is critical in pushing American institutions to more effectively realize their goals of better supporting the careers of qualified military women.

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