Mongolia celebrates 20 years of peacekeeping missions

UN Photo/Martine Perret
July 22, 2022

Mongolia passed legislation in 2002 to allow its military to deploy soldiers in international UN operations. Countries where Mongolian forces have served since then include DRC, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Kosovo, Sudan, Iraq and Afghanistan.  However, as Mongolia’s President Khurelsuka stated at the conference, of the 20,000 military personnel sent on these missions, only 900 have been female.  This puts Mongolia at 20t in theranking of the number of women peacekeepers among UN troop contributingcountries.

Mongolia’s first female brigadier general, Bolor Ganbold, who has served on several UN missions has been vocal about the importance of achieving gender equality in the Mongolian military as well as in UN peacekeeping missions.  President Khurelsuka pledged to increase the country’s female peacekeepers to the UN’s 15% target by 2027.

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Mongolia’s Military Diplomacy Highlights Female Peacekeepers – The Diplomat

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