Gaza companies hire female security guards

Hadeel Al Gherbawi
November 2, 2022

More women in Gaza are taking up jobs normally reserved for men.  Now, institutions such as banks and shopping malls are requesting female staff to meet changing security needs.

Reem Sukkar is one of the Gaza Strip’s first women security guards.  She works at the Carrefour Mall in Gaza City, and says her dream is to open a women-only security company in the Gaza Strip. Reem has been working for six years in security positions in banks and private companies.  She underwent a series of courses over three months, including self-defence and communicating with the public.  

Another female security guard, Iman Abu Hamad, said “The most difficult thing is having to deal with men in our closed and conservative society. Many situations require assistance from female staff, and I have had to defuse many tense situations.”

Bilal al-Arabid, Director of Security Land, a company which has been hiring women guards for several years, said “Our employees undergo intensive training to work in security.  Having female guards to deal with women and children is crucial because men find it difficult to defuse situations in which women are involved.”

For the full story, please go to:  More Gaza companies hire female security guards - Al-Monitor: Independent, trusted coverage of the Middle East

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