76 Years Later: Congressional Honours for 102-year-old Black Veterans of WWII

The National Archives (via https://historycollection.com/this-all-black-female-battalion-played-a-significant-role-in-europe-during-world-war-ii/3/)
August 4, 2022

Private Romay Davis, 102, has been awarded the US Congress' highest honour for civilians after President Joe Biden altered legislation to enable the honours to be bestowed. Davis served in the "Six Triple Eight" (the 6888th Central Post Battalion) alongside 854 other black American servicewomen to run crucial communications infrastructure for allied troops stationed around Europe. The 6888th, the only unit of black American women to be deployed overseas in the Second World War, faced dangers and discrimination from all sides as racist and sexist prejudice combined to make their work all the more difficult. Just 5 members of the unit survive to witness this long-overdue public recognition of their vital service.

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